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Grab A Gel Kit & Express Yourself with These Hot Summer 2018 Nail Art Trends

Dream of Instagrammable nails? All you need is a gel kit for nails to explore your artistic side! Skip the salon and save yourself some money by creating your own nail art looks using these current nail trends.

  • Terrrrifically Trendy Tiger Stripes

This summer season is all about letting loose and expressing your confidence. What better way to unleash your inner beast than by decking your nails out with tiger stripes! Now’s the time to experiment with fierce patterns and wild prints you would otherwise shy away from. 

  • Bold Letters & Pretty Font Phrases

Got something to say? Say it with nail expressions! You’ve got 10 fingers, which means there’s so much you can say without saying a word. Or keep it simple and opt for 4 x 4 phrases like Rock – Star, Yass – Girl or Lost – Soul.

  • Extra Bright Neon Shades of Orange

With the temps sky high and the sun shining bright, it’s only appropriate to sport nail art looks that fit with the summer season. Neon shades of orange, hot pink, lime green and electrifying blue are all the rage these days.

  • Double Team Two-Tone Pastel Prints

Can’t decide on just one color? You don’t have to! Try mixing things up with a two-toned pastel presentation. Simply paint half your nail in one shade and the other in another. (Use strips of nail tape for stick straight, precise lines or forego the guide to create uneven edges.)

Spotted on all the hottest fashion runways of the season, the above nail art trends are making a splash. Given the convenience of a gel kit for nails, it’s now possible to achieve flawless nails without making an appointment. What are you waiting for? It’s time to get to work. Pick up your gel kit for nails so you can start experimenting with your own summery designs!




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Three reasons why you should shop at bayzaar

When shopping online, convenience is a really big deal and should never be compromised.  Whether you are checking out a catalog of some of your favorite items and accessories or just trying to get quotes for products you want to purchase, you want to make sure that you can do all of these at your own chosen time.  At bayzaar, we take all of these into consideration and bring you a potent combination of great prices, convenience, and an absolutely unbeatable customer service.  Here are three reasons why you should always shop with us;

  • Unbeatable prices – All of our products come at great prices that allow you shop for your favorite items without having to worry about getting ripped off. We have partnered with wholesalers and suppliers directly in order to continue to bring the best prices to all of our customers. This is not a compromise on quality either as we maintain only the highest standard of products in our catalog.
  • Free shipping – Why pay ridiculous amounts to get your products delivered to you? With us, you don’t have to! Our delivery service ships goods to over 200 countries globally with complete tracking information that allows you to keep tabs on the progression of delivery.
  • Great products – We bring you amazing products that cuts across a wide range of categories and selection. Our product line includes wearable devices, Smartwatch accessories and lots of beauty/health products. This makes us a one-stop shop to browse through and find amazing products you probably didn’t even know you needed. We are constantly adding new products to our catalog in order to bring you brand new items directly from the supplier.

So there you have it. The next time you are thinking of making a purchase, check out our store to get only the best products at the best prices.